Lava Java Coffee Roasters of Maui

serves up high-quality coffee by the cup, espresso and gourmet beans in retail bags, as well as fun gifts, apparel and décor in “an atmosphere that whispers Hawai‘i.”

Longtime Maui residents Pat and Julie Patterson took on this venture nearly five years ago (“Lava Java Maui” was formerly Bad Ass Coffee’s Kihei location), and now find themselves immersed in the aromatic world of coffee, island goods and Original Red Dirt Shirts .

“I bag every bag of coffee myself,” said Pat, who refreshes the shelves daily.

“I’ve become a pretty big coffee drinker now,” said Pat. “I’ve always loved the smell of coffee—there’s just nothing like it.”

Entering Lava Java Coffee Roasters of Maui it would be hard to disagree with Pat as the tantalizing aroma of fresh roasted coffee fills your senses. . Even if you don’t drink coffee Lava Java Maui has a variety of excellent beverages that will satisfy most anyone.

The Pattersons work with several Upcountry growers to get their Kula Coffee, and look to well-known Maui grower Kimo Faulkner for the other Maui Coffees. Of the five different Maui-grown coffees Lava Java carries, four come from Kimo’s plantation.

The Kula Coffee’s “untold story” began over a decade ago, when about 250 Kona coffee starter plants found a new home on the slopes of Haleakalā, and officially became Kula Coffee.

Lava Java Maui’s coffee is available in three roasts: American (the “Get-Up-and-Go!”), Full City (the “Middle-Of-The-Road”) and French Roast (the “Flavor Blaster”).

Lava Java Maui’s most popular roast is the Full City, which is for the drinker “who enjoys the rich, smooth flavor of good coffee that  also gives a little kick.”

A new obsession of many customers is a frosty, refreshing coffee drink called “Granita.”  A frosty combination of coffee, chocolate and a proprietary mix.  Need an extra kick?  Order the Granita “Dirty”, meaning with an extra shot of espresso.  Can you say heaven in a cup?

One of the best things about Lava Java is the fact its charismatic owners are there nearly every day, engaging customers or just “talking story.”

“Pat’s like a concierge,” said Julie. “He used to sell activities, so visitors and new residents should feel free to ask him anything.”

“I want folks to walk in and feel like they can get an education about coffee and more,” said Pat. After 55+ collective years between Pat and Julie here on Maui, they know the island pretty darned well and are happy to help answer question.

Look through the cigar collection, which includes Kaua‘i-grown “Island Prince”.

Customers can get online as well with the Roadrunner, high-speed Web café.  WiFi is free.

“We want to create goodwill and a good product,” said Pat. “We’ll bend over backwards for customers to help them find what they’re looking for.”

“If we don’t have it, we’ll send them to another small business,” said Julie. “We’ve got to help each other out.”

“Come on down the street and get some real, high-quality coffee, made with love,” said Pat.

Lava Java Coffee Roasters of Maui, located at 1941-A S. Kīhei Road, across from Kalama Park, is open every day from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.  C’mon in for a delicious cup of coffee or just to say hi and talk story.