Colombian Supremo Banana Macadamia Nut

100% Colombian Supremo, Grade “A” Large Coffee Beans Roasted Fresh here on Maui. This coffee is flavored with Fine Macadamia Nut Oils that are infused with Banana Flavoring. This coffee is a treat by itself or with a yummy pastry.


“I was a walk in customer while on vacation and wanted a little taste of Maui again. Thanks for doing what you do. Merry Christmas” ~Jacob R.  Nov 30, 2017

“We visited your place on our visit to Maui. (25th anniversary) Loved the Banana Macnut coffee. Beautiful area, probably look for time share there. Just so we are closer to your coffee :-)” ~ Randy K. 3/20/13

“We were on our honeymoon and your Banana Macadamia Nut coffee was recommended to us by a local…it was heaven!” ~Mable S. 5/1/13

“We visited your coffee shop during our Honeymoon recommended by a Hotel worker.” ~Mable L. 9/15/13

” Good day! While freezing in Michigan we started thinking about Maui and remembered your coffee! Hope all is well (I’m sure it is) Thank you, we will be returning soon.” ~ R.K. 12/31/13