Colombian Supremo Espresso Roast

100% Colombian Supremo Espresso Roast. These amazing Columbian beans are 18-Screen, meaning they are of the highest quality and size. The Espresso Roast Coffee is my own Proprietary Blend which we use for our Espresso Machine Coffee Drinks in our Shop. The Blend is 60% American roast for the “Bump”, 30% French Roast for the Full Bodied Flavor, and 10% Full City Roast just for Good Measure. This is a wonderful Blend and if you have been in our Shop you may have been offered a sniff from our bulk 20 Lb. bag. This one is a great value and an excellent coffee.

I came into the store whilst in Maui, and loved the coffee. I’m very much looking forward to the order coming through as my Espresso Roast has run out.  C.A.  NY, NY