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Colombian Supremo Kickin’ Ass Decaf (Half-Caff)

100% Colombian Supremo Kickin’ Ass Decaf; 1/2 Decaf, 1/2 Full City Roast Beans. These amazing Colombian beans are 18-Screen, meaning they are of the highest quality and size. This Coffee takes a little of the Caffeine out of the Equation, yet still gives you a bit of energy. A Great late Night Brew or for those cutting back on their Caffeine intake. You will never know you are drinking coffee that isn’t full-strength, all the great Taste with 1/2 the Caffeine.

“Bought some kick ass decaf at your store in Maui while on vacation.  really delicious coffee.  glad that you are selling it online.” ~David S. 10/5/2014