Kula Full City (Medium) Roast

This coffee is grown on the fertile slopes of Maui. The coffee trees were imported to Maui from Kona many years ago. Maui soil is older and richer than the Big Island soil so we feel Maui creates a richer bean. The Kula Full City Coffee is a blend of Maui-grown coffees. Maui coffees consistently beat Kona coffees in statewide cupping contests. This Maui Full City Coffee is smooth, bold and “ONO” as they say here in Hawaii meaning “Delicious”. There is virtually no acid in this coffee, leaving the finish expremely smooth. This is my personal favorite coffee.

“This is the best coffee I have EVER tasted!!!!” ~Jennifer W. 2/20/13

“@LavaJavaMaui Full City Roast. Its perfect. It has a far richer flavor than any other Kona. I added just a touch of cream to thicken it. Yum” ~ Ray 4/18/13 via Twitter