Maui Peaberry

Maui Peaberry is our Number One selling Maui Coffee. If you have been in our store, you have probably tried this Coffee. Delicious flavor with an amazingly smooth acid-free finish. The Peaberry coffee bean is approximately 1 of every 25 coffee cherries picked. Try this Coffee and you will be hooked…


“We’ve been in your store many times. Need some Maui goodness since we can’t be there this year!” ~ Meghan S. Dec. 2, 2017


“We fell in love with the shop while in Maui and we are just so grateful you ship to the mainland so we can still enjoy some delicious coffee! Mahalo!” ~ Matthew M. Nov 23, 2017


“We visited the shop seven years ago on our honeymoon and loved your coffee.” ~ Joy B. Nov 12, 2017


“I found you driving by on vacation. I have to say that the Lava Java Peaberry is the best coffee to me. Smooth, flavorful – I bought several bags when on vacation and gave one to a co-worker “coffee lover” and he said it was phenomenal. And that you compost all your grounds back into the soil we’ll continue to buy as long as we can.” ~Curtis B. 2/25/15


“Had this coffee when I was in Maui in 2008 and absolutely LOVED it. I am so thrilled to be able to get it in CT!”~ Dennis A. 2/22/13


“We visit your store everytime we come to Maui….we fell in love with it and my husband loves your Peaberry coffee. Please don’t ever close!!!!” ~ Marie S. 3/24/13


“Loved a cup of your wonderful coffee every morning on our vacation on Maui! We were missing the island and the coffee! Can’t bring the island home, but I thought ordering a bit of coffee might make me feel like I’m back there, even just for 5 minutes! :)” ~Patricia T. 5/12/13


“Visited Maui in 2012 and enjoyed Lava Java. My husband has been ordering as a treat. We decided to surprise him for Christmas with a super supply…” Lisa M. 11/17/13


“you guys are awesome!!” ~T.H. 12/17/13


“Thank you gift!” ~M.W. 12/30/13


“We came over for a vacation and stayed near your store … had a sample and we were hooked… Your coffee does not hurt my stomach … your Maui Peaberry coffee is awesome…” ~Angel D.  9/21/14, and “Delicious” 11/18/14