KIHEI Gift Pack


With three authentic Maui-grown coffees, it’s a taste of the islands that only involves traveling to your coffee maker. Plus save 15% when you purchase our bundled gift pack!

Gift Pack Includes:  

Kula | Medium Roast | 8 oz. (½ lb) bag

Smooth and non-acidic, our Kula Coffee is our famous signature blend from upcountry Maui farms.

Red Catuai | Dark Roast | 8 oz. (½ lb) bag

Full bodied, mellow flavored coffee from the farms on the slopes above Kapalua.

Maui Estate Typica | Dark Roast | 8 oz. (½ lb) bag

French roasted to bring out its depth of flavor, our Maui Estate Typica has the closest flavor to Kona coffee with no acidity or bitterness.

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