WAILEA Gift Pack


Experience four authentic Maui and Colombian coffee varieties (no jetlag necessary). Plus save 20% when you purchase our bundled gift pack!

Gift Pack Includes:

Maui Peaberry | Medium Roast | 8 oz. (½ lb) bag

Lava Java’s number-one selling coffee. With its smooth, light flavor and non-acidic finish this is a favorite you’ll come back to again and again.

Kula | Medium Roast | 8 oz. (½ lb) bag

Smooth and non-acidic, our Kula Coffee is our famous signature blend from upcountry Maui farms.

Red Catuai | Dark Roast | 8 oz. (½ lb) bag

Full bodied, mellow flavored coffee from the farms on the slopes above Kapalua.

Colombian Peaberry | Medium Roast | 8 oz. (½ lb) bag

100% Colombian peaberry coffee, medium roasted to bring out its exquisite flavor and aroma. A breakfast favorite!

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